Venture Dive

One of the coolest software houses I had the pleasure of hanging out in Pakistan was VentureDive. They are the brains behind Careem app and the Athan app.

VentureDive's journey started when four Stanford and MIT graduates met together, while working in Silicon Valley, and decided to set the groundwork for a world-class technology organization in Pakistan. What ensued thereafter, were several meeting in 4 key locations; from San Francisco and Boston, to Dubai and finally Karachi. Their aim to foster entrepreneurship in the region and technological innovation at a global scale, resulted in the foundation of VentureDive, in 2012.

This software agency has attracted the best of talents and a third of the employees in this company are female, much better than a lot of western tech companies. There are women working in every part of the business from sales to technical roles which go on to cater to make sure the products they are building are inclusive. One of the biggest perks that women employees have in the company is that they get free careem (cab) rides to and from work. A small subtle gesture but one the enables women to get to work.

Best Practice: Looking into root causes and understanding mobility was an issue for women in pakistan and solving it by offering free cab rides.